Final Report Guidelines

Congratulations on your efforts to complete your ORCA Grant funded project. All ORCA grant recipients must submit a final report as part of the agreement made by accepting the funding. We share these reports with the donors that funded your research grant.

For Seniors: Final reports for seniors that graduate during April, June, or August are due at the end of August. For those that don't graduate until December or later, the final reports aren't due until the end of December. For more information, visit Dates & Deadlines.

Follow the directions below to complete and submit your final report:

1. Complete Project

The first step is to make sure that your project is complete or at the very least you have some results.

2. Gather Necessary Information

One of the purposes of the final report is to publish the results of your research. Before you begin writing gather relevant information about your project's background, methodology, and results.

3. Review Report Guidelines


Write the report so that readers who are not specialists in the subject can appreciate the purpose of the study and understand the results. Your report will be publicly accessible so please do not include any sensitive or proprietary information. The report should have the following sections:


The report should not exceed two pages (this includes images), single spaced. No indentation with standard 12-point font. At the top of your report, include your first and last name, the title of your project, your faculty mentor's first and last name, and your mentor's department. It must be submitted as a PDF file, no larger than 8 megabytes. Relevant graphics may be included.

You are welcome to use our final report template: Final Report Template

4. Write Report

Complete the report, following the above guidelines.

5. Submit Report

Final reports are submitted via the ORCA System. Follow the steps below to submit it:


All ORCA Grant final reports are published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research, to increase open access to research occurring at BYU. It is available at Please notify us if your report contains proprietary information or if the report need to be embargoed pending publication.